About the project

GTM Utility is an experimental helper tool for the renowned in the industry, Google Tag Manager (GTM). You can visualize the whole tracking setup in a form of the flowchart, look into connections of individual tags, triggers and variables. Gathered dimensions, metrics and parameters of some Google core tags in the table, is particularly convenient feature that allows grouping, finding and navigating to the settings much faster.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user of GTM, at some point, it is common to face an unprecedented level of complexity in understanding, maintaining and refactoring the current setup, which in turn, is bound to many processes that depend on data collection and conversion tracking.

Having worked with several dozen of client websites, ranging from the lead generation to the large ecommerce platforms, web tracking and digital analytics starts pretty much with a tag management system. Almost always, it is GTM. The common problem I encounter every time, is a tangled chain of tags, triggers and variables.

What it takes to fire Google Ads conversion tag sometimes 😆

While there are reasons for this problem, somebody has to sort it out once in a while. Especially, it is important to ensure consistent data collection which, honestly, can be either useless or pivotal for the product development roadmap or different kind of business decisions.

My parallel interest in developing web applications, brought me to an idea to try to create an add-on for already great UI of GTM. It has helped me already several times to either demonstrate a problem to the client or figure out some of the 'creatively' employed logic.

GTM Utility serves as a reference tool for providing an alternative overview of all connections between variables, triggers and tags in the latest versions or active workspaces of GTM containers.

As a big fan of Google products, it is difficult for me not to buy into technologies, apps, general UI built by Google. Although, I believe that you can't expect all of the functionalities and features (sometimes very useful) to be stuffed into one app. Should you see a potentially useful feature for streamlining the work with GTM or GA even more, let me know.